بیانیه 4 - شیر بزرگ و کوچک

The little lion and the big lion

In the name of the Lord of the worlds

 I would like to express my greetings to the great Iranian people who have a deep-rooted history and all free peoples of the world.

 As I presented in my previous messages in which I shared with you the biggest secrets of our age and also explained to you the source of the biggest cruelty and wickedness and I mentioned about the horrible evil gangs on earth, particularly in our country Iran.  And that that these evil groups not only led to the backwardness and going backward of the Iranian people, but also the backwardness of all neighboring countries. And I also informed you of the thefts and murders of these groups. I reminded you of the things they have done in the last forty years and that they have turned one of the most beautiful spots and countries of the world into the worst place of it.

In this last message of mine I have called these gangs the little lion and the big lion. The more powerful one, colloquially the big lion of that ill-affected and criminal gang is in the USA and the little one has been in Iran for the last fourty years and this situation is to the detriment of all our region and the world. The little lion disrupts the world order with mischief and crankiness. If there is a conflict between these two grim lions, the strong one will surely defeat the weak.

I want to awaken the whole world because it’s not just a matter of evil gangs in Iran and America, but perhaps the story of a gang of evil that began in Iran in our region and then spread to Iraq and other regions.

These criminal gangs intend to invade the entire Middle East and to trample on all the peoples and to eliminate them.As a result of this business, Anatolia and Turkey is the last point on their map and it is called the last front of the Islamic world. And they aim to infiltrate into China, North Korea, Russia and such countries after Turkey.

If Mr. Putin and the president of China do not know, I am ready to direct them. And this business will end up in the USA, and they will go and kill thousands and millions of people also in the United States. Even the CIA, the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies of the United States are not very competent on the matter, not exactly even if they are. I am ready to guide the USA and its rulers on this matter because they also must escape from the clutches of this terrible and evil gang. In summary, even the USA will have difficulty to beat them. The final aim of this gang is to destroy the whole world and to go to other planets from here and watch the death of people and creatures with pleasure. Such a terrible group! I am ready to disclose their secrets with all the documents and to prove my words, as long as a few free and wise men on earth come to me , I am ready to prove all my words with their documents.

As I said, it is not only the matter of Iran or the USA, perhaps it is much more than that, the stomach of this group is so large that it does not fill up and wants to swallow the whole world!

 They want to sneak various groups and gangs into the States and governments around the world, seize all intelligence and military centers and invade them.

Another issue is that everyone on earth is in pursuit of freedoms, but 100% freedom has not been achieved in the world yet. Yes, there are social freedoms in the Western world, but there is no such thing as freedom in this big and historical country Iran. Let’s assume thatif Iranian regime is in the saddle for another 50 years, the entire Iran will be like a company with General Directorate, workers and employees. This evil gang wants to spread this process all over the world, and I think they want to seize the world from China and North Korea to America and realize their evil ideasinthe name of spreading Shiism and Islam. They do not even refrain from taking possession of atomic bomb in order to achieve this important task. Indeed, they want to obtain the nuclear knowledge of North Korea and then to remove North Korea from their path.

If they acquire such a power, I swear to God, they will immediately kill all people who are not on their side, and in their own way send them to hell. In Rafsanjani and Khatami period, I tried to approach them with their own ideas and creeds, and used the names of their imams as means and asked them toto give the people of Iran a minimum level of freedom, but in vain. However, with the power of the Lord of the universe, such a power has been found that their malicious intentions and deeds have become visible and people have stood against them, and they have been blocked even if partially.

I hereby would like to tell Mr. Putin that: You are engaged in Syria issue by the universe knowingly or unknowingly and Mr. Putin, by means of the third power, as I know that your deceased mother was a good person and because of that you have a good mother in the next world, I think there is no death, maybe the eternal life is in the next world, your mother conduced to your entering Syria. Likewise you could have been involved in the issues regarding Saddam Hussein and other states before, but you didn’t. Still I want to add that the Americans came and hit but in Syria you entered powerfully. Of course the third power directed you there. And many states by mistake or knowingly asked you why you are protecting Bashar al-Assad. Yes, Bashar al-Assad is the dictator, no doubt, and his father Hafiz al-Assad was one of the most felonious and dictatorial members of the Arab families, but because there was a spiritual issue here, and as I mentioned above, because you have a good mother and so you had to enter there, and you got alarmed that you would be helping the USA and their evil groups automatically if you didn’t enter there. Indeed, these would come to Iran after Syria and then to Turkey and afterwards they would do away with Russia herself and finally cause the destruction of the USA. You have helped the whole world with this deed of yours, and the passwords and secrets of it are with Saeid Mohammedi Doraki, and I am ready to explain the whole topic. Of course, understanding such topics may be a bit more difficult for normal people, but it is possible to come together with media owners to explain the topic and make it available to people.

This warning is a very important warning and the whole world should pay attention. I am Iranian, but I announce very loud and clear that consulates of the Iranian regime around the world must be brought under control, because through them all the evil gangs breed like mushroomsacross the world as within Iran. As I said before, they send spies, women, handsome men, they want to invade the world with their large and small gangs all over the world as much as they can within Iran and they want to do this in the name of Islam and Shiism. They base on political Islam and there is no such a practice in Islam. In fact, it is forbidden and condemned in all world religions. There is no room for political Islam in the modern world, and whatever Muslims have suffered, they have suffered from the so-called Islam deviated from its own course.

I must state with regret that, this evil gang has closed the paths of reform, peace and friendship. As I have presented in my previous messages, there are all and only two ways that the world can choose to escape. Dignity and abasement. This evil gang has chosen the path of abasement and should be wiped out. The path of abasement is with the known evil gangs and the path of dignity is with me. And as I have said, the world needs peace because people want to live near each other in peace.

Your humble servant and all the oppressed people have a reproach to the current world leaders and that is, I wonder if they do not see these oppressions and murders? Where are the defenders of human rights and democracy? I wonder if the tortures that this plunderer and torturer gang has executed in the last 40 years is not the adequate evidence to stand out against them?

As a matter of course, the world leaders know many of the issues above but they cannot clearly and easily explain the things they know. Of course they talked about the various issues with your humble servant in various meetings and even some of them died afterwards. I can clearly explain all the topics above with their documents and evidences to the peoples of the world.

Let me give you the reason clearly why the world leaders cannot speak easily: either because of their fear or because of the lack of courage. But I, a brother of yours, have shared my life story with you, I am one of you, I am joe public and I talk on behalf of the oppressed people.

They themselves admitted by knowing me that I can utter those matters easily, regardless of any material and spiritual interests within the last hundred-two hundred years on earth and they share my words because they want humankind to live in peace and prosperity in a new period.

Today, the peoples of the world have to choose one of the choices of dignity and abasement. All the peoples of the world should pay attention to this matter. Unless this evil gang repents and returns to the path of free people, they must be eradicated because they will inevitably lead the whole world to disaster and astray. I would like to inform the ringleaders of the known murderous gang that, If you confess your bad deeds and wash your hands of them, the people of Iran and the world can forgive you, otherwise you will be punished for your deeds.

In the Iranian nuclear deal, for example, in the voice messages I sent to Khamenei, I stated: You begged to and curried favour with America to protect your own throne and seat in the Iran nuclear deal, on the other hand the agreement you signed was against yourself!

 You have taken the policy of disregarding Iranian people and protecting the interests of your children and yourself and your group, no matter what happens to the Iranian people and you were looking for an intermediary to be a slave to the USA’s desires because your goal was to get the USA to hold you in esteem and to have a chance to rule your own oppressed people even if with cruelty for a few periods, at the expense of being a servant to anyone that is more powerful than you!

 Both the country’s leader and the conservatives and the reformers among you, the rightist and the leftists in colloquial language, competed each other in the service to the USA. The strategy of one of you was to brag, to feign reluctance and to bluster, and the strategy of the other was reforms. However, in the end Trump came and tore up your alleged deal. And you said: “Then we will burn this agreement.” I wonder if you have burnt it? Why haven’t you burnt it? Bring it on! Burn it if you can and face the consequences!

Now that, if this deal really conflicted your national interests, why did you sign it? If you really have faith in your religion and in the path of Imam Hussein, why did you sign this agreement? You should have let it and have an atomic bomb against the cruel and then no one would be able to stand against the divine that you speak of. If you had done so, it would be to follow the path of Imam Hussein and the imams, and vice versa, you became a servant to the USA, who tore up the certain deal, and you just started to clamour!

In the period after you, theglorious people of Iran will live in peace and prosperity according to humane ways no matter which culture, language, ethnic group and idea and religion and sect they come from because it is the people’s most natural right. It will not cover only Iran but the whole world will see prosperity and peace. Because there is so much employment, money and wealth in the world that the whole humankind can live in peace and prosperity and our country Iran can once more attract the positive views of the world.

All in all, make up 96% of society with workers, civil servants, teachers, students and all military forces, army and revolutionary guards, police and polis and ’besic’ and you are in real possession of the government of the country  with hard work. I implore you to rebel against this 4% false marauding mob because they have plundered the entire country in the last 40 years. They think they are your benefactors. Rebel and uniteas Iran so that this gang of 4% will be judged at a fair and humane court. So that they will return what they have stolen from the exchequer or pay whatever penalty for them.

 O the real owners of the country that make up 96% of the people! You will receive your own share in the newly formed government and state and will benefit from the important wealth of the country.




ذی القعده ۱۴۴۰ Tir.1398 Solar Hijri

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